Announcement of the sale

Aurory Project
2 min readAug 27, 2021


Dear Aurorians,

Today, we are proud to announce the launch date for the 10,000 Aurorians NFTs. The sale will happen on Tuesday 31st of August, at 5:00 PM Central European Time.

To ensure a smooth launch we will use an on-chain Rust program that will prevent issues you might have seen with other launches. No more waiting for refunds or NFTs.

The minting price will be 5 SOL. We recommend having 5.1 SOL ready to pay the potential fees. Following here is little tutorial on how to get ready for the sale :

You can find a longer and very qualitative explanation on this link if you need more information :

Also, 70 Aurorians will be randomly pre-minted by the team, in order to give one to every team member, advisors, but also to do several giveaways in the near future as well.

Cross the gate and join us in this adventure!

Creation of the DAOrory

We will be allocating 10% from the initial sale to the DAOrory. The DAO will compose of every single NFT holder, with the initial goal to reinvest in Solana based NFT projects (1/1 NFTs, generative NFTs) in order to not only help support the growing ecosystem, but to also grow the treasury and to reward each member as we evolve. The investments will be collectively chosen by the community, and the DAO will be permanently funded with 35% of all the resale fees of those NFTs.

Note that the resale fees in total will be equal to 5% (in which 65% will go to the internal treasury to keep founding the team and extend our runway, 35% will go to the DAO treasury).

We hope that a lot of you will be there on Tuesday with us!