Aurorians On Expedition Guide!

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6 min readApr 28, 2022


Hello, people of Tokané!

One of the highly anticipated use cases for Aurorian NFTs was launched on April 17th, 2022 in the form of Aurorians On Expedition (AoE) (

It has been less than two weeks and we are happy to share that AoE attracted 3,400 unique daily users on the first day, and a total of more than 27,500 expeditions have been completed so far! We are still in the early stages of development and are excited to use the community’s feedback to keep improving the user experience while keeping the Aurory economy balanced and healthy in the long term.

Some of the initial feedback we received from the community was a request for longer expeditions. It only took us three days to push an update to satisfy that request. We hope you are enjoying the longer expeditions, Aurorians!

AoE will continually evolve and be updated as we create more fun and sustainable ways to enhance the Aurorian holder experience across the board.

In the meantime, please enjoy this guide explaining the current mechanics involved in AoE!

What is Aurorians on Expedition?

AoE is the first of many planned web3-based deliveries. In the current version, you are able to assemble a squad of Aurorians, ranging from one, two, three, or five Aurorians. You may then send this squad on an expedition to obtain rewards ($AURY, skins, collectible art, Nefty eggs, and in-game items).

We wanted to give Aurorian NFTs more utility before our game went live. So this is what we set out to achieve with AoE by allowing holders to have access to rewards through the distribution of NFTs and other items. At the same time, users can familiarise themselves with our dashboard, which will function as the main hub for all of our products and features.

How do I participate?

In order to participate in AoE, you will need a Solana (SPL) wallet, $SOL to cover transaction fees, an Aurorian NFT, and $AURY to pay for the expedition fee(s).

You then create a squad from your available Aurorians at, select the preferred expedition, stake your squad, and send it out to explore. Once the expedition is completed, you unstake your squad and collect your rewards (if your Aurorian got lucky and returned with any!).

Check out the detailed walkthrough below:

Send a squad on an expedition

After you’ve selected your squad, each of our four expeditions requires a small amount of $AURY to launch. The tokens paid to launch an expedition are redistributed back into the AoE rewards pool and will also be used to reward PvP/PvE players once the game goes live.

Choose an expedition and create your squad!
Stake your squad
Approve transaction
Don’t forget to complete and to approve again in your wallet!

Congratulations! Your squad is now on an expedition!

Unstake your Aurorians once your squad has finished their expedition and claim your rewards if you have any!

What are the rewards?

Each expedition has a reward pool with a drop rate of approximately three rewards per hour per quest. This means that every hour, three items will be looted by squads that are on that expedition.

Depending on which expedition you send them on, your squad could return with a limited edition of Neftushi, Dipking Fools, or a Let’s Explore. Those rewards are purely collectible and will change every month. Try to get them while you can!

In all expeditions, there is also a chance that your squad returns with a small amount of $AURY.

Some might also find a Nefty Egg from the Persat Mountain. Eggs are a central piece of the Aurory ecosystem. Hatching an egg using $AURY will reveal a Nefty and is just one of the ways to build up your Nefty crew!

The eggs that are rewarded in expeditions are NFTs and will be the same eggs that can be obtained from playing PvE. We will balance the supply of eggs when Aurory is fully playable by adjusting the number of Aurorians required to launch an expedition that has a chance of looting eggs.

A Nefty Egg from the mountain area!

What are the current Expeditions ?

Keep in mind that the Expeditions are subject to change. Some will be swapped out for new ones, some will be added, some will stay the same with different rewards. As of right now, the four available expeditions are:

Through the Hidden Mine of Antik

Explore the secret and dangerous underworld of Antik. Do not get lost on your way down, avoid traps and find valuable treasures!


Squad size: 1 Aurorian NFT

Expedition cost: 0.014$ AURY

Duration: 3 hours

Rewards in this pool:
Neftushi collectible card
Dipking Fool’s collectible card

The Master Beyond the Vile Fud

A long forgotten Fud lord once came to Tokané and built an underground network to hide his treasures. Make sure you come prepared with a strong team of explorers!


Squad size: 2 Aurorian NFTs

Expedition cost: 0.168 $AURY

Duration: 1 day

Rewards in this pool:
Dipking Fools collectible card
Let’s Explore collectible card

The Riddles of Helios

A long journey through the dangerous mountains of north Tokané. Find wealth on the way up, and try to…make it back in one piece!


Squad size: 3 Aurorian NFTs

Expedition cost: 0.5 $AURY expedition fee

Duration: 3 days

Rewards in this pool:
Let’s Explore collectible card
Persat Mountain Nefty Egg

Across the Chain’s Passage

The most dangerous valley of Tokané. Wild Nefties are said to protect invaluable treasures. You will need a large and strong team to take on this challenge!


Squad size: 5 Aurorian NFTs

Expedition cost: 1 $AURY

Duration: 6 days

Rewards in this pool:
Persat Mountain Nefty Egg

What can we expect from AoE in the future?

Aurorians On Expedition is our first true web3 delivery, and we will keep using community feedback to optimize it.

Apart from new loot, Aurorians can expect holiday and event-themed rewards as well, some of which will have in-game utility, like the Nefty Egg. We will also add new Expeditions with multiple squad size options and different durations.

We want to be calculated when tweaking these variables in order to keep our economy sustainable and not flood the market with these items.

Once again, we want to thank you for your support! Stay tuned for our next release: the brand new Aurory marketplace!