Global introduction to staking

Dear Aurorians, we wanted to thank all of you for the amazing support you’ve shown to our team. It’s a pretty amazing experience to be working in such a growing industry, and we have a lot of positive news and improvements we can’t wait to share with you guys.

How to start staking?

To start staking, you will initially need some $AURY tokens (which you can obtain from FTX or Raydium) and a SPL compatible Web 3 Wallet such as Phantom or Solflare.

Select the amount you are willing to stake!
Or choose the maximum amount directly..
Approve the transaction, the network fees are very low

How does it work?

We basically created a pool for anyone wanting to “lock” a portion of their Aury tokens in return for yield rewards. A fixed amount of tokens in this staking pool are sent each hour to the main liquidity pool. When you unstake your tokens, you will receive your initial staked amount plus a portion of extra tokens added to the pool by the team as a reward.

What is xAury?

If you’re familiar with Defi or liquidity pools (e.g. SushiSwap, UniSwap, etc.), then you may have heard the term “Pool Share Tokens”. You receive these tokens based on the amount of liquidity you provided.

Is it compounding?

Compound interest means that the next reward payout takes into account both the principal as well as all prior rewards when it’s distributed. You can see compound interest used when the yield percentage is fixed for a period of time. However, in our case, the amount of AURY sent by the team in the pool each hour is constant. Therefore the revenue stream is linear and not exponential.

How do I know how much Aury I have in the pool?

With our recent update, the user interface is now displaying the current amount of AURY you own in the pool and not just the amount of xAury. If you want to unstake your xAury, you will earn the total amount from ‘Current AURY Amount’.

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