Community Contest — Design A Neftie

Aurory Project
3 min readJan 24, 2022


2022 will be a busy year for Aurory, but we wouldn’t have gotten here without our tight-knit community. We’d like to challenge all of you to design the next Neftie! We managed to reserve some time with our Creature Art Director, Claire Chibi, who will finish up your idea, which will in turn be implemented in the final Aurory game. Of course, you’ll be the first rocking your very own Neftie on the battlefield.

Fanart made by a member with some nefties already in the game

How to enter

Show yourself from your most creative side by drawing and writing out an original idea for a Neftie. Once you’ve finished, post your creation on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #DesignANeftie and tag @AuroryProject before the deadline of the contest.
You don’t have to be a pro artist to participate, a sketch will be enough for Claire to turn it into something magical!


Still unsure if you have what it takes to participate? Have a look at this example where a fan design made it into the final version of Hollow Knight, a 2D action adventure game.

Entry in the contest for Hollow Knight and the final design that made it in the game

Voting phase

Together with the Community Leaders, the Aurory team will make a first selection among the most shared posts which all certified Aurorians and $AURY accumulators can vote via the Discord.

Claire and Yann will choose the winner from the last three participants who made it through the voting phase. Claire will then unleash her magic upon the winning creation and come up with the final Neftie design!


The contest starts straight away and runs through January 29th 2022 10pm UTC. Voting on the Discord will start January 30th 2022 when all entrants summaries have been gathered and voting will run for two days, until February 1st 2022 10PM UTC. The winner will then be announced on discord and the final design will be posted on Twitter once it’s done.

Prize pool

As a token of appreciation for your contribution we will airdrop your very own Neftie once it’s ready and implemented in-game. On top of that we’ll reward you with 200 $AURY to get you started on the competitive PvP battlefield.

We will also reward the second and the third with respectively 100 $AURY and 50 $AURY.


Aurory reserves the right to choose the final design based on personal preference and to match it with the overall art direction of the game.
The winner’s design may not be implemented during the beta.
Entries which spread hate, contain religious symbols or NSFW content will automatically be excluded.

Have fun and good luck!