DAOrory, the manifesto

Dear Aurorians,

We are excited to announce the creation of DAOrory, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization composed of every holder of our NFTs. The mission of this organization will allocate money to Solana based NFT projects (1/1 NFTs, generative NFTs etc) in order to build a treasury collectively owned by its members who participate in the forefront of culture on Solana.

In the long run, we hope that this DAO will be one of the largest art collectors in the rapidly growing Solana NFT ecosystem.

DAOrory will start as a seed and grow like a tree with your help.

Initial funding of DAOrory

To start with, DAOrory will receive 10% of the initial sale proceeds (5000 SOL). Furthermore, a 1.75% royalty fee from Aurorians sales will be permanently allocated to funding the DAOrory in the long run. Amazing members of the NFT community are already interested in participating in this collective effort, and we hope we will be able to do something unique and worthwhile for all the Aurorians holders.

Several initiatives are currently being developed on Solana to provide a qualitative platform support for DAOs. In the meantime, the treasury will remain and grow. DAOrory management decisions will be done through governance, requiring the majority of NFT holders approval.

We hope that a lot of you will participate in the experiment!




Aurory is a gaming platform powered by Solana and Serum

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Aurory Project

Aurory Project

Aurory is a gaming platform powered by Solana and Serum

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