Introducing Aurory

The Aurory Platform

Bringing many people to use the blockchain through incentives is clearly the way to contribute to a global adoption of crypto-currencies.

We want people and gamers from everywhere in the world to discover blockchain use cases in a fun and educating way. To achieve that ambitious goal, we have chosen to be powered by Solana and to use Serum for our in-game marketplace. Solana is a lightning fast blockchain with almost zero fees which will allow players to benefit from a qualitative gaming experience.

We are creating unique visuals to help bringing awareness about Solana and Serum !

Aurory will use a SPL token as a core of our gaming ecosystem. Usable in our solo and multiplayer modes but also in our marketplace, we want to create a real utility in these games but also in the future games to come.

Helios and the solo game mode

An animation of Helios running

Every monster or creature coming in your way that you defeat will be earned as an NFT (Non Fungible Token) in your wallet. Those NFTs cards will be the core of our multiplayer modes, and will allow you to compete against other players or to gain additional items.

A display of Helios NFT card as an example

Furthermore, each time you complete a quest, you gain some tokens that will be usable to play multiplayer games, or to buy items in our marketplace.

Multiplayer modes, fight for you s(t)ake !

Discovering the basis of Decentralized Finance through Gaming

We wanted to give our users the possibilities that Decentralized Finance has brought to the crypto-currency ecosystem. By adding these mechanics, we hope to familiarize people with the utilisation of farming and staking and therefore to contribute to the mass adoption of Decentralized Finance.

People will be able to stake the tokens they won on the platform in order to win additional tokens, but also they will be able to stake the NFTs cards they earned by defeating monsters in order to win in-game skins, unique and legendary cards, power-ups. All the items you win by staking NFTs will be usable in fights against other players but also will be tradable in our marketplace.

Player versus player mode

We also want to enable a PvP (player versus player) mode, gamers will challenge each other in a mode where they choose five of their items and cards to fight in a contest. In order to start a contest, you have to pay an amount of tokens. After that, all the creatures will start fighting based on their specificities and the winner will reclaim all the tokens paid to start the battle.

A leaderboard rewarding people who played the most and who won the most with incentives as mythic items and tokens giveaway will also be updated on a weekly and monthly basis to incentive people playing.

Our marketplace, based on Serum DEX

A batch of NPCs you will be able to collect ingame and buy from the marketplace

Disclaimer : We have no token released yet so be careful if anyone is trying to sell you something related to Aurory.

Join us !



Aurory is a gaming platform powered by Solana and Serum

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