Introducing the team behind Aurory !

Aurory Project
3 min readMay 10, 2021

Hello guys, we want to thank all of you once again for your presence on all our media, your excitement and your support. We are glad to be able to introduce all of our team members and the people working on this project.

Many new faces will join us in this adventure and we hope that even some of you will be part of what we are building. We are still hiring and plan to add many people to our amazing team, for the ingame development part but also Rust developers.

As of now, the team is composed of :

Yann, Creative and Art Director : Yann is an artistic swiss army knife. He has worked for over 14 years in the indie games industry as a 2D/3D animator and art/creative director. His colorful visual style and cute characters are sure to turn heads. He is always trying out new things like mixing old-school analogue art techniques with the most modern tech. His love for Dragon Ball knows no bounds !

Paul, Marketing, Operations : Paul is passionate about crypto-currencies and the evolutions of the market. After working in Real Estate Development he went full time into investing in crypto-currencies related projects in 2019. Gamer and artist in his spare time, he shares the vision that gaming is the path to bring adoption. His overview on the crypto market and the gaming market allow the team to provide a powerful and adapted content.

Stephan, Game Design, Creative Director : Stephan Carmignani has been working in the video game industry for over 22 years, as a Creative Director, Design and Level design director, Team Lead, and Project Manager at Ubisoft, EA, Eidos, Warner brothers and Rovio.

He has a deep experience in IP/Brand creation and direction, VR/AR/XR development, as well as leading large teams. Worked on IPs such as Rainbow6, Splinter Cell, Deus Ex, Transformers, Batman etc.

His principal interests are systems design, storytelling, open world creation, multiplayer, first person and 3rd person adventure/shooter/platform games.

Anthony, Developer : Anthony has been a blockchain developer since 2016. His work has ranged from quantitative analytics to Solidity development. He has also been a contributor to successful testnets such as Avalanche, TheGraph and Mina.

His interests are quantitative and decentralized finance, as well as video games.

Claire, Senior Artist : She is working in concept art and illustration. Her interests are characters, animals and creatures in a cute stylised art style. Huge fan of Pokemon, she also takes her inspiration from the art of Disney, DreamWorks and Ghibli.

We are also glad to show your the first keyshot of the solo game mode we are doing. To support the hand drawn 2d animation, we will use oil and gouache painted style backgrounds like classic Disney or Ghibli animated movies. These are our main references for the art direction of the game !

Helios running to the shop

Hope you guys will like it, we will soon be giving more details on our game modes but also make our litepaper available !