Locked & flexible $AURY staking

Aurory Project
3 min readDec 1, 2021

Hello dear Aurorians!

First of all, thanks again for the support over all our channels. We recently crossed the bar of 4,000,000 $AURY staked, more than 70,000,000$, that’s a huge milestone for us and we are really thrilled by your enthusiasm!

We are working on a ton of things, and we just cannot wait to be able to disclose everything and put web3 gaming on a whole new level.

Let’s start with a sneak peek of our future user interface that we will add to our app very soon!

Sorry for the price on the sneak peek, we took it a week ago!

Now, time to try answering the questions you may have on locked staking and give you some explanations on the future updates as well.

1) What is the difference between the flexible and locked staking pool?

If you stake $AURY tokens in the flexible staking pool, you’ll receive xAury tokens in your wallet which represent the $AURY you staked. The xAury tokens are needed to be able to unstake your $AURY later on. The flexible staking pool allows you to unstake whenever you want.

When you stake $AURY in the locked staking pool, you won’t receive the xAury tokens in your wallet, because they are stored directly in the program. In this pool, you won’t be able to unstake your tokens before the 26th of May 2022. Staked amount and rewards are locked!

2) How does xAury work?

You can view xAury as a Pool Share Token. You receive these tokens based on the amount of liquidity you provide. The value of xAury will only go up over time against the $AURY token. So the longer you keep them, the more $AURY you will be able to get when you unstake.

If you are interested in the math behind this mechanism, there are two formulas involved:

1. When you stake N $AURY you will receive a number of xAury equal to:

N * xAury_supply / Aury_pool_amount

2. When you unstake N xAury you will receive a number of $AURY equal to:

N * (Aury_pool_amount / xAury_supply)

3) Why does the APR change over time?

The APR is a percentage rate calculated by dividing the rewards that are currently distributed per day (over a period of one year) by the total amount staked.

So basically, the more $AURY staked in the pool, the lower the APR. If many people would unstake, the APR could go up again.

4) Is it better to stake at the start of the locked staking pool?

As the rewards are distributed linearly over time, the earlier you stake the more you earn and the APR will be higher at the start than later on.

5) Why is there a fixed date for the locked staking pool?

Because after this date, we will introduce more gamification around our DeFi products and people will be able to use their $AURY in the game as well.

6) Will the rewards from the locked staking pool always be higher than the rewards from the flexible staking pool?

Yes, the distribution of $AURY will always be higher for the locked staking pool with a minimum of 2x the APR compared to flexible staking.

We are also working on a version with different lock-ups available for stakers as soon as we are done with our NFT staking system, that we will open-source later on!

Thanks a lot!