Meet a new team member and our advisors !

Hello everyone, once again, we wanted to thank you for the support and the presence on our social media. We are thrilled and excited to introduce you one new team member who will help us bring Aurory to life and make it one of the best play to earn games ever.

We are working a lot as of now on all aspects of our games and will be trying to provide more update on a regular basis, everything is right on track. An amazing website is also on the way, our team is growing strong and ideas are flowing. We could not be more motivated and focused !

We are still looking for talented and passionate people regarding both the gaming and the cryptocurrencies fields. As of now, let’s introduce to you guys Sacha, our Gameplay Programmer :
Computer tinkerer from an early age, Sacha has always worked and played with computers. With professional experience in both game design and developement, software engineering, web development and personnal projects, Sacha has a wide set of computer-related skills and know-hows critical for technical design. He loves bringing ideas to life with his code and searching for ways to improve and go beyond original concepts.
He enjoys animated movies, playing — particularly games where you build and manage a lot of stuff — and discussing the nature of things.

We also believe that no projects can come to life and be successful without experienced people from the cryptocurrency industry, providing advice, relations, and helping the project to grow from the shadows. We are proud to have two advisors as of now, Darren Lau and Tristan Yver (be sure to follow them on Twitter if you want free alpha on the market).

Darren is ex-Coingecko and ex-Spartan Group. He was the co-author of Coingecko’s first eBook: How to DeFi; he currently runs his own Telegram channel known as The Daily Ape. He’s excited about Aurory because he believes that it can both educated the masses on DeFi and change the lives of many by allowing users to play to earn. He helps us with is great overview of the market but also by providing many ressources and contacts he managed to get over the years.

Tristan Yver is one of the smartest guy you will find in crypto, always having a pertinent view and a huge experience due to his work at FTX and Serum, he has been a great help and mentor for us.

“I’m excited to see Aurory’s development as they bring their traditional gaming industry experience into the blockchain space and help build a powerful gaming ecosystem on Solana !”

We are looking forward to work more, hire more, and really disrupt the industry. Also, we will soon be announcing what we plan for community rewards and how people could be eligible in order to receive tokens !

Be careful : No tokens have been issued yet and there is nothing to sell as of now. We have not done a single round of funding, we want to work with the right people who are sharing our views and vision. If you are interested in potential partnerships, reach out on Telegram.



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