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3 min readAug 18, 2021


Something is happening in the quiet town of Neftiville, at the edge of the forest. Travellers are reporting that there is a lot of noise coming from the city, they can hear music, laughs and screams from miles away! Villagers are starting a feast for a mysterious reason. All the people from this town are celebrating, and as usual in this mountain hamlet, Wilma is here, joyful, taking pictures of everybody to celebrate this event.

Aurorians reunited in Neftiville square

You may be wondering, why can I not get my own one right now? Just give Wilma the time to process all of them, but be careful, she only has 10.000 paper sheets.


Dear community,

We have been hard at work for a while, levelling the solo-game mode, designing the multiplayer mechanics for the game to be as skilled as possible. However, we wanted to have our community more involved in the project, even at this stage.

This is why we decided to launch our generative NFTs sale to spread awareness about Aurory and let the community contribute to our growth. Attracting people to our art and story is a big step for us, because it will bring more people to play our beta once it is released.

We hope that the process of the sale will convince you of the potential quality surrounding NFTs on Solana, whether it is about the visuals themselves or the acquisition process that we hope will be qualitative and smooth.

Our NFTs are called Aurorians, every single one of them will have specific traits that will make it unique.

Some traits that are going to be available for your Aurorian!

Those generative NFTs, more than just being profile pictures for now, will have several utilities inside the game.

  • First, they are going to work as your visual identity inside the game as it grows in the coming months and years. A proof to show that you were here since the genesis of Aurory and one of its earliest supporters, even in the leaderboards.
A sample of the PvP leaderboard!
  • Also, those NFTs will give you access to play future game modes. Note that this does not apply to the open beta we want to release in November, but additional modes that will be added to PvE and PvP. They are your key to test and validate those modes before they are made public.
  • Then, in a future update of Aurory, your Aurorian will be your in-game skin modelized in 3D in order for you to evolve on the map with it in the solo game mode, and in potential future multiplayer game modes.
In case you have not seen it, here is our July Teaser!

Do not forget to follow us here on Medium, but also on our Twitter to be informed of the latest news. The party is imminent and we hope a lot of you will join! Other information will be dropping very soon, as well as the exact date of the sale.



Aurory Project

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