Upcoming drops announcement..

Aurory Project
2 min readSep 7, 2021

Dear Aurorians,

Today we are announcing our series of drops to come. Starting this weekend, Aurorian holders will receive artworks related to Aurory and our games on a bi-weekly basis.

Instead of setting up a sale, we have decided to give them away for free. This is a way for us to thank and reward our early supporters for forming the backbone of our future community.

We will begin with qualitative 3D artworks of Nefties and NPCs, and as we get closer to the game’s release it will also be in-game items directly.

We wish to provide our community qualitative content in the long run and, in the same way, make you enthusiastic about the development of the game, the artistic choices and the lore itself. This is why these airdrops will last for a very long time and will be occurring several times a month.

A sample of Bitebit design, the first 3D Neftie that will be sent to holders

We do not want them to become speculative instruments because we expect that Aurorians are better suited for it, and we see the first drops more as a Collector’s Edition.

By doing this, we hope to grow our community even further and use the same process that has been commonly used in the real world, with figurines or wallpapers given to people that pre-order a game.

We hope that you will like this initiative, and by tomorrow we will announce the first artwork that will be sent to Aurorians.
Also, all the information needed for you to be eligible for the drops will be communicated very soon so do not fear about missing out on the first one.

Thank you so much for your incredible support!